Both are premium class two-row crossover cars in the U.S. They each come with their strengths and weaknesses. The Acura RDX had a complete makeover in 2019, while the Lexus NX 300 was a carry-over model from 2018. We have compared them on a few parameters to give you a rundown of both vehicles. 


The newer version of the Acura RDX is larger than the Lexus NX 300. It is an inch taller, an inch wider, and five inches long. Despite them both being two-row crossovers, this difference in size is significant as it is roomier, giving the driver more leg-room. The rear seats are also larger in the RDX. 

Fuel Economy, Drive Trains and Fuel Requirements

While both cars are equipped with a 2.0-liter engine, the RDX, true to its name, gives a 272 hp. The NX 300 gives a mere 235 hp. The RDX also has a ten-speed automatic transmission making it quicker than the NX 300. That said, both come equipped with an all-wheel drive. 


The RDX, after its makeover, is priced higher than the NX 300. The RDX starts at $40,000, while the NX 300 is 1,000 lesser. The RDX is about 10% more expensive than the NX 300 in the top range, and they are priced about equal at the base level. 


The RDX comes with sixteen speakers, including the ones in the roof, and has a power of 710 watts. It is equipped with an Acura ELS Studio 3D premium audio system. The NX 300 has ten speakers and is equipped with the Lexus premium audio system. Both cars include Apple CarPlay, but don't have Android Auto yet. Both have a touch screen interface for inputs. 

Mileage and Transmission

The RDX gives a mileage of 21 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. The NX 300 is slightly better with a 22 mpg mileage in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. The final drive axle ratio on the RDX is 4.17, and on the NX 300 is 3.89. The first gear ratio on the RDX is 5.25, and on the NX 300 is 3.30. The former comes with a multi-link suspension, and the latter with a double-wishbone.

Other Specs

The RDX has a sporty utility feel that takes a clean-sheet approach. The NX 300 is boldly styled with solid features and compact luxury. Both cars come equipped with adaptive front lighting, heated steering wheel, and head-up display in their premium models. There are other cars that offer these in more basic models.

Crash Test Ratings

The overall rating for both cars in crash tests was a five star, with minor variations in some parameters. The RDX rated better than the NX 300 in the side pole rating driver front seat test. Both cars scored the same on all other parameters. 


The Lexus NX 300 is comfortable to drive with easy cornering and braking. The RDX is slightly edgier in its handling. It gives the feel of a performance sedan. The NX 300 feels like a sporty, conventional crossover. 

Both cars are similar in several ways and different in others. It is a matter of personal preference when choosing one of them. If you are looking at more power and a roomier vehicle, then the RDX is for you.