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When it comes to luxury cars, you want to make sure that it's always running at its best. At Lexus of Dayton, we make it easy for you to keep your Lexus up to code. Whether you need something as simple as an oil change or something a bit more complicated like engine work, we've got you covered. Our Lexus-certified technicians are among the best in Ohio and can make any problem seem simple and painless. Plus, if you bought a new Lexus from us, we offer scheduled maintenance plans to help keep your Lexus running like it's brand new at no cost to you. Oh, and our Lifetime Warranty that comes with all new Lexus purchases, keeps maintenance costs low for the life of your car! Schedule a maintenance appointment online today and keep your Lexus performing at perfection.

Our Services

You want your Lexus to always perform the way it should, right? Well then take care of your oil change at Lexus of Dayton! Schedule your next oil change today.

Brakes giving you some issues? Whether you need just a repair or a complete replacement, Lexus of Dayton has you covered. Schedule your brake service today!

Your Lexus is supposed to give you a smooth ride. So, if you're feeling any shimmies or pulls you could need a wheel alignment. Schedule a wheel alignment with Lexus of Dayton and get your comfort back!

You spend a decent amount on tires, so make them last! Regularly rotating your tires will maximize their lifespan, thus getting you the most for your bucks. Schedule your next tire rotation at Lexus of Dayton today!

From hot weather to cooler, your A/C gets a lot of work, so it's normal for it to have some issues here and there. When your A/C isn't working the way it should, let the Lexus experts at Lexus of Dayton take a look at it. Schedule your A/C service today!

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Sure it could be an electrical issue, but if your dashboard lights are on that's not a good sign. Bring your Lexus over to Lexus of Dayton for a quick diagnostic visit and get your peace of mind back!

Keep your Lexus the standard of class and reliability it's meant to be. Let Lexus of Dayton handle all of your regular maintenance and ensure your Lexus is always up to par!